"You're so furry and black, what's with that?"

This is Ojos our cat.

What's that you say? This is a baking blog, what does my cat have to do with it? 
Well, Ojos, puts the "love" in Butter, Sugar, Love. Yes!..
I know.
He has his evil days. He'll hiss in my face if I hold him too long and runs under the bed so we can't pick him up. But we like to think he enjoys being owned by us. Somewhere deep down in his black kitty heart. 
At least we like him. And we all know he's better off with us than in the streets fighting off strays and catnip pushers. even writes songs about him. The title of this post is actually a line in one of his many Ojos jingles. Maybe I shouldn't admit that online. Anyways... 

Ojos facts:
*He is about 3 years old now
*His name means "eyes" in Spanish
*My sister named him that because she said he had big eyes as a kitten
*He is really talkative
*He loves all dairy products, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, it's all good
*He drools when he's happy
*He likes to lay on the edge of our matress with his front arms hanging over the side, pressing on the bed frame like this:
I caught him sticking his tongue out.
It's weird isn't it?

 We love Ojos.

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