Chocolate Transfers

I made cookies for my work Christmas potluck using candy melts and chocolate transfer sheets. It was my first time using them and it was really pretty simple. I don't imagine making these too often, but I would totally make these for special occasions!
I looked up alot of YouTube videos on how to use the sheets and on the first one I used, I spread out a layer of candy melts on the sheet and refrigerated it until it was dry, then used a cookie cutter to try to cut out the shapes... and that was a total waste. It looked so simple on the video, but in reality it cracked the candy into lots of little pieces and didn't work at all. Maybe it was only supposed to dry partially before cutting? With these I cut the sheets so they would fit over the cookies, then spread a layer of chocolate on my cookie and pressed the sheet on it lightly. Then I waited for it to dry and peeled off the sheet, this worked really well for me. I decorated a cross shaped cookie and also an ornament shape and I think that simpler shapes work best because details get a bit lost when the sheet is pressed down. I would totally recommend trying this out and if you like this design, you can find it here at the Fancy Flours website. I also tried out this pattern but I would NOT recommend it because it looked really bad. I tried it on red candy and it looked like a crusty white covering and the pattern didn't come out at all, I also tried it on white and the design was so light I could hardly see it. Maybe it needs a brown chocolate background, I don't know.
Aside from the transfers, I also made some cookies with a spread of red candy melts and white pearl candy.

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